During the same episode that Iyxon was eliminated, LastChance and Jujumas created the idea of the remaining contestants being separated into groups- The Efficiency Team (Previously called the "Dommed 4" and the "Efficiency Four"), which consisted LastChance, Kum, Yoylebyte, and Gelatin, and the OP team(Previously called the "Final Four"), which consisted of Iyxon, Huri Churi, Dark, and SuperHyperGuy.

This idea quickly spread throughout Alex's server, and the two teams became quick rivals. A pattern was formed after Gelatin's death, which called for an alternation of a team member from each time to die. This pattern was ended as soon as it had been noticed. (by Yoylebyte's death)

Although this idea faded out around the time of the final 5, CDG, Future_kwon, LastChance, Kum, and Yoyle still identify with the "Efficiency team".